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Comfort Breakfast


This Morning’s Recipe: Biscuits and Bacon Gravy

I’m not really a morning person. The stories from growing up are legendary. I can go back to sleep anywhere, any time. These days I have coffee, which helps a little but really I’m not too available in the morning. Plus as a general rule, I hate breakfast food.

My husband loves biscuits and gravy. He adores it. So I learned to make it. He doesn’t generally get biscuits from scratch as well, see above – not a morning person. Learning to cook something you don’t eat is a new adventure. Especially when you can’t understand what it’s supposed to taste like. Traditionally, this is made with sausage, but my kids don’t really like sausage and I definitely don’t, so 50% of the time I make it with bacon. It’s not as flavorful but it works.

1 lb. bacon

4 tbsp flour

24 oz. 2% milk

kosher salt

fresh ground pepper

can of biscuits – follow directions

Fry your bacon in a skillet, I use cast-iron. Turn off heat. Remove and reserve all grease but 4 tbsps. In a shaker combine flour and milk. Pour into bacon drippings and stir like crazy. Put heat on medium. Continue to stir, being certain to scrape the full bottom of the pan. Gravy will begin to thicken after about 5-10 minutes. It is vital to keep stirring to prevent lumps. When thick, season with salt and pepper. Add more milk if gravy needs thinning.

Serve over split biscuits.

Refrigerate any reserved grease for later use. Delicious on cabbage.