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When the Whole is Better than the Sum of its Parts

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Tonight’s Recipe: Crock Pot Pulled Pork

Everybody has days like today. I slept poorly, kids kept loosing their pacis and waking me up all night, I had 10 million things to do, and the kids resemble zombies from Shaun of the Dead [4] only mutantly crossed with extremely noisy screaming banshees. Or maybe those lemurs at the zoo, they get really obnoxiously loud sometimes. And somehow, I keep rolling through the day under the assumption that at any moment, they’ll realize “Holy Hell! This is the best day ever! Why on earth would I ever want to end this by crying and throwing a fit?” But alas, that’s not how it works.

So yes, that is a 16oz. Bud Light in the photo with my sandwich. Sometimes both food and life call for an extra tall beer. And my husband generously chopped the onions, so they’re a little thicker than the paper-thin I usually roll with, but, hey? I remind myself not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

This is a super cheap and yummy meal. Saves well, transports well, often confused for restaurant pick-up. The thing is, there is nothing to it. Like literally, nothing. So thank God I threw this on this morning or who knows we might have had to settle for eating our own feet tonight.

The recipe came from one of those small paperback cookbooks at the end of the grocery checkout aisle. It was called something like Slow-Cooker Favorites. And to be honest, the only thing in the book worth possibly preparing, let alone mentioning. There are only 3 ingredients. I serve it on Oroweat Oatnut bread [5]. Husband likes it toasted, I don’t care one way or the other.

I am borderline horrified to admit that I cook this, and that everyone loves it. I’ve thought about re-engineering the Kraft so I didn’t have to admit to using a bottled dressing but it’s just good this way and one of the few super easy recipes in my rotation. P.S. the longer you cook it, the better your color.

4lb center cut pork loin roast

12 oz. Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing

3/4 c. brown sugar

Place roast in crock pot. Sprinkle brown sugar then cover with dressing. Cook on low for 8 hours or so. Shred meat with forks and serve with red onions for sandwiches.