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Sparkling Wine

005I’m feeling very celebrative (celebratory?) this weekend, and just in time to help me out, my sister sent me a bunch of sparkling wine for my birthday.  I have amazingly talented sisters who spoil me with absurdly nice presents.  Hopefully they’re okay with the fact that I’m the worst gift giver in America.  Nothing stresses me out more than picking out a gift for someone.  I almost had a nervous breakdown picking out preschool teacher gifts until I realized I was making myself crazy and just got Target gift cards.  Maybe I’m really completely self-absorbed and I just haven’t figured that out yet.  That said, I’m really good at cooking for other people and love to try and make them their favorites.  It’s hard with Allison though since she lives in San Francisco on the other side of the world (or seems that way anyway). 

Last year or maybe the year before, I discovered the most unusual wine at Katie’s Mom’s house.  Katie’s Mom has one of those cool wine clubs where they automatically ship you wine every month.  Only hers is only sparkling wine, which is so fun.  In general I don’t drink sparkling wine very often, but it is so festive and fun, on occasion.  I equate it to the feeling some women get when they are all dressed up in a brand new outfit or something.  Feeling down?  Sparkling wine automatically makes ME feel like it’s a special occasion.  Cuvee M Red [1] is sparkling wine, but it is RED.  Not pink or rose or anything.  It is RED.  Click that link and look at the 3rd picture in the slide show.  I don’t imagine anyone would want to drink it every day, but it makes for great cocktail conversation.  I think you have to buy it online though.  None of my wine/liquor stores had ever heard of it and kept leading me to much more boring options. 

In the midst of this god awful recession, I recommend everyone turn off CNN and have a dinner party.  Doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it can be simple or potluck or soup or a swap.  The news is so awfully depressing and dinner at home with friends is such a simple, relaxed joy.  I always feel better after I’ve thrown a party. 

Sparkle on friends!