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Grilled Citrus Chicken with Dipping Sauce

009When I write about a recipe that isn’t really a recipe, I get very self-conscious.  Sort of how I feel about why anyone would you want to read the footnotes.  If it’s not important enough to make it in the text, why add it at all?  I’m guilty of this.  Whenever a book has a quote after the paragraph intro, I always skip it.  Then I realize the author spent serious time picking and choosing and examining the text of the quote, feel bad, and go back and try and read it.  Only often, they’re ambiguous and foreshadowing and I’m simply not cool enough or deep enough to get it.  My husband kicks ass at that.  And that is one of the many reasons I love him, cause he can explain the importance of quotes and symbolism. 

On a similar note, if you’re looking for a book to read, and you enjoyed Crime and Punishment [1] (probably the best book ever!), but also have a fancy for magic,  I can not endorse the Night Watch [2]series by Sergei Lukyanenko enough.  It is fabulous.  Even if I skipped some of the quote sections. 

This chicken is pretty much the chicken I made here [3].  But I did two additional things that made it so much nicer.  First I grilled lemon halves for everyone to squeeze on their chicken.  You could also do oranges or limes if you prefer.  Just don’t drop it on the floor as you’re taking them off the grill, cause all the the yummy juices will go squirting all over the ground.  ACK!  I gave that one to the kids.  The other thing I added was re-using the marinade as a dipping sauce.  I read an article about reusing marinade by heating it on the stove for five minutes.  I went ahead and boiled it for 10 minutes to be on the safe side, but the result was a wonderful dipping sauce.  It was delicious and so summery!  Eat outside, have a light and refreshing meal and enjoy summer!  It will be gone before we know it!  I’m totally on par with my goal of spending 85% of my waking hours outdoors.  Yay Vitamin D!  Tomorrow is the Farmers Market.  Can’t wait to post. 

Cheers friends.