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Grilled Split Chicken Breasts with Black Beans and Salad

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004Fridays are my easy cooking days, last night we had a nice, healthy meal which didn’t really encompass anything new, but brought together several of the techniques I’ve discussed earlier.  As summer has finally arrived in Dallas (allelujia!), it was quite warm at 5:00 so I decided to forgo the oven in favor of the grill.  Since moving to Texas from the great midwest, the most interesting weather change has been the temperature by time of day.  In the midwest, I would have always called 2:00 the hottest time of the day.  Here, it’s just as likely to be the hottest temp of the day at 5:45.  FYI, if you’re going to be parking in an outdoor lot in the middle of downtown, I would highly encourage you not to buy a black car with black interior.  I almost died that first year working, just literally almost melted right into the driver’s seat.  But actually, I’m not complaining.  I’ve missed the sun and the heat this year, and we spend the big chunk of our time outdoors.

I wrote about the Mama Houdyshell chicken recipe here [2].  This was super easy dinner night, so I didn’t even make the chimichurri sauce. We accompanied it by our favorite canned black beans [3] lightly sprinkled with my favorite Murray River Pink Salt.  For our salad, we had baby spinach, topped with kirby cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, blue cheese and a combo dressing of Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette and the Garlic Balsamic vinaigrette I wrote about the other night, recipe found here [4].  The Balsamic dressing was even better the second time, as dressings and sauces often are.

My husbands life-long best friend and his wife bicycled over to share our meal, as they often do on Fridays, and we even managed to have a lovely patio dinner with complete with intelligent conversation.  I do need to correct some misinformation I relayed, however.  Nutrition and food science have long been a hobby of mine.  In college, I did about 1.5 years seriously pursuing my nutrition degree, which was by far my most pleasant education during my years.   Misguidedly, I switched to my MIS major, because computers/technology had such better income and job stability prospects (HA!).   Anyway, I soaked up those nutrition classes like a sponge and I am almost certain that I’m remembering this accurately as taught, so perhaps research has changed or perhaps my google linguistic skills are just not yielding the desired results.  Anyway, tomatoes are high in lycopene, which studies have shown to have a preventative effect for some forms of cancer, most notably prostate cancer.  And though I can find no documentation on it, I swore I was taught that the jelly surrounding the tomato seed contained the highest amount of lycopene.  Anyhow, 2005 studies led the US FDA to severely limit the claims made concerning lycopene and cancer prevention in favor of encouraging people to simply consume whole tomatoes as they make contain some as of yet undiscovered cancer preventing compounds.  So I don’t know the real story other than – tomatoes are good for you, and likely a diet high in these and other fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to say oreos and cheetos should provide some level of cancer prevention.  But that’s just plain common sense anyway.