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Sage Restaurant, Soba Noodle Special

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002Fire me.  I know it.  I’m on “vacation” sort of with two preschoolers in tow and my head is just not connected where it should be.  I don’t have a brilliant recipe to deliver, and I’m still forgetting to bring my camera, but I do have a fabulous review.  This week Susan and I ate at Sage Cafe [2] in Salt Lake City.  Susan eats WAY more vegetarian than I do, but we’ve always enjoyed  the few vegetarian restaurants together, and were both despondant when West Lynn Cafe went out of business in Austin. 

Recently, I’ve had several friends inquire about whether I had vegetarian recipes here.  As I’ve said here before [3], after the gestational diabetes, I just don’t think I will ever go back full on vegetarian.  What I will do is eat everything in moderation, in the freshest most balanced diet I can accomplish, while keeping my total carbs low and the carbs I do consume to be predominantly from vegetable sources.   **Eyes in the sky**, please disregard the flat of farmers market cherries and half flat of raspberries I took to the concert tonight.  Better than bread though, eh?   And while you’re at it, please disregard those McDonald’s meals that periodically sustain my family, everything in moderation right?  Even healthy eating.   

So ignore Sage’s website if you clicked through.  It’s very basic, not flashy, and certainly not enticing. The restaurant itself is anything but those misgivings.  The atmosphere is relaxing, the waiter was extremely knowledgable, and even the bus boy seems to share a passion for gourmet, sustainable, vegetarian food.  I’d give my right arm to take a walk in their kitchen and watch Tuesday’s Soba noodle special being made.  I’ve never seen a vegetarian broth so dark or flavorful.  It was amazing. 

Susan was taken as they ran the list of the dish’s local vegetables and she heard garlic scapes mentioned.  I was taken by the description of the whole package – Japanese soba noodles in moderatley spicy broth with an array of local, organic, sustainable vegetables.  Again, I apologize for the crappy iPhone photo.  I will glue my camera to me if I have to.  For anyone who thinks you can’t eat well or richly at a vegetarian meal, I challenge you to seek out this restaurant.  Though I only had this dish, the bulk of the menu was crying for me, begging me to jump in and challenge what it had to offer.  It may not be my every day meal, but I can enjoy and even crave a vegetarian plate like this one.