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Preschool Lunchbox

006School is back in session.  Ahhh… The sound of quiet around the house is very welcome after a long summer.  We had a wonderfully fun summer, but it was a long.  Tiny pixie started yesterday, and I guess she missed school a bunch judging by her synopsis.  “It was just like a party, only better, and it wasn’t even anyone’s birthday.”  My playground group was back in action yesterday afternoon, and freakishly, it’s not even that hot right now.  Life is good.

Anyhow, I’m toying with the idea of starting a preschool lunchbox service.  Most of the parents I know hate packing lunches and like cooking for one, making from scratch, fresh, healthy lunches in the quantity for one or two preschoolers, is a whole lot of effort and not very cost effective.  Often my kids wind up with dinner from the night before, which they don’t seem to mind, but I like providing them with variety, since I certainly don’t like eating the same thing several meals in a row.  I know a gal in Austin who started a service like this which wound up phenomenally successful.  So if you’re in Dallas, and you’d be interested in a healthy lunch box delivery service – send me an email to lane@dinnerandconversation.com – I have a few questions for you.  I’m still in survey/info gathering mode, but I’d love to chat.  This article [1] specifically addresses the concerns over nutritional quality of preschool sack lunches in Texas.  Don’t worry I’m not the food nazi – my kids get plenty of snacks.  And luckily, I’ve been blessed with naturally good eaters.  I love cooking for other people, and I love preschoolers so it seems like and idea worthy of consideration anyway.


I’m planning a raspberry shortbread for dessert later tonight – so if preschool lunchboxes are boring to you, scrumptious dessert is on it’s way next!

Preschool Lunchbox Menu

Fresh Roast Chicken Breast

Mixed Vegetables with Olive Oil and a teeny, tiny sprinkling of sea salt

Fresh Raspberries

Orowheat Oatnut Bread