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Dear Internet, I’ve missed you.

new houseIn the last three weeks, I’ve moved.  My husband started a new job.  I lived without cable, internet, or home phone service for 16 days.  I’ve registered my baby for kindergarten, watched and participated in two kids learning to swim, fretted and nested over the impending birth of our best friends’ new baby, celebrated my mother’s birthday, my parents’ move to Texas, breathed a huge sigh of relief for all the miracles that have occurred, took two baths my *brand new* bathtub, grown my food business, served as a single parent for 9 days due to European business travel, and planned a birthday party for my super amazing 5 year old.  Plus I’m sure I’m missing a few things.  Whew.  So what did I do in response?  I learned to drink Chardonnay.  Yep, an odd reaction.  I get it.  Did I really need to learn to take on another form of alcohol?  Probably not.  But I’ve ranked Chardonnay right up there with mayonnaise.  At a luncheon someone might serve me a chicken salad sandwich.  And being a polite and well meaning guest, I’ve had to learn to refrain from acting like a 5 year old, umm… can you cut the crusts off, too?  On the upside, Chardonnay turns out to be less painful than mayonnaise.  So, Go Me.  Maybe next year bananas and I will finally come to terms.

playscapeFrankly, I haven’t felt this elated, happy, and on the right path since I had L.E. five years ago.  I’m crazy superstitious and always petrified to jinx my good fortune, but I don’t want for a moment anyone to think I’m not glowing super happy at the moment.  To my Austin friends and readers, I’m Sorry.  I Tried.  We tried.  Again and Again.  In the end, the powers that be stuck a glowing, 24-7, huge neon billboard in our life and said – YOU Belong here.  In Dallas.  Right now.  In this moment.  So we’re here, happy, and pursuing options with a vigor that has been totally inaccessible since having two teeny tinys so close together.

As for food, if you’re in Dallas this weekend, you’re in luck.  Williams-Sonoma [1], Calphalon [2], and Houseparty.com [3] picked me and sent me a marvelous party kit to further the message of home parties.  If you’re here and you’re wondering, what the heck is she talking about?  Send me a note, and I’ll send you an invite.  I love parties.  Attending them, Hosting them, Working them.  Yep that’s right, I’ve altered my former life motto, you never want to work the party.  As always, I’ll have great food and drinks.  When your mama’s in the food business, you get some crazy birthdays.  It’s just how we roll.  If you’re not available this weekend or you’re not in Dallas, send me a note.  Entertaining at home is an awesome and sometimes lost art.  I’ll give a full spread with photos and recipes next week, but if you’re craving, check out the food at L.E.’s last birthday here [4], here [5], here [6]and here [7].