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Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting


Yesterday was our friend’s 30th birthday. Her favorite cupcakes are all strawberry, all the time. I like strawberries but generally stray from things flavored with/by strawberries. After preschool, I drove past the Sprinkles [2] cupcakes, thinking how conveniently it is located. But then I remembered I’d have to take two kids out of carseats, drag them into a store full of over-priced sugar, wait in line, then purchase 12 of the $4 a piece cupcakes. So I shook off that image, came home, hit google and voila! Martha Stewart had a recipe for Sprinkles’ Strawberry cupcakes [3]!

I think I may become a baker yet, y’all! After I made the batter, I decided to take a small taste. Salmonella be damned! WOW! There really aren’t enough explanation points in the universe to show my excitement over this batter. This was so easy and the result was delightful. The cupcakes came out very fluffy and light and the frosting was delicious. I did add an extra tablespoon of strawberry and an extra half cup of powdered sugar to the original recipe, just to give it that extra strawberry kick.

For those of you without preschool aged children, there’s this crazy food allergy phenomenon going on these days. When I was a child, home-baked/homemade food was strictly forbidden due to concerns about food handling procedures or possibly that some rouge parent was going to try to poison their children’s friends or other such madness. Well luckily, the pendulum has swung. Luckily in some ways I guess. I’m thrilled that schools are back to trusting parents sanity and personal responsibility, and what’s better than homemade foods? But the reasoning is almost crazy. Apparently there isn’t a bakery in town that can guarantee a peanut free environment. So store bought goods are now strictly forbidden. Anyway, I should total start advertising at the school. Need some homemade cupcakes? Call me! I’ll be happy to bake them with the finest ingredients. Peanut free!

You can find the recipe for these delightful cupcakes here [3].