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Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

012This issue of Gourmet was killer.  I’m not kidding.  There are months when I never want to try anything and there are months, like this June issue, where I want to cook EVERYTHING, well nearly everything, except the squid.

Our best friends have a ranch in east Texas.  At the closest highway stop to the ranch, lies a restaurant serving a rediculous multitude of pies.  Seriously, I mean how much traffic can this place get?  And something like 9-12 pie options by the slice per night?  Anyhow, the boys have made it there more often than I, but everyone is always raving about this buttermilk pie.  Hmmm… What??  Again, really, I know buttermilk pancakes, but buttermilk pie?  I’ve never quite gotten it, but I’m not really a dessert person to begin with.  So when I saw this, Raspberry Buttermilk Cake [1],  I was all, HOLD THE PHONE! I know people that will kill for this. Well, not really, but you get my point.

So I was trying to reference the article tonight to guage the context of said cake, but it appears some water sprite has ferreted the magazine off into her haven of all things unnecessary to a non-reading, almost four year old.  Or as she is otherwise known, our naughty little pixie.  I had the distinct impression this was supposed to be a dessert, but perhaps that was due to the five alarm fire in my head ringing East Texas! Buttermilk Pie! repeatedly over and over.  My husband took one taste and immediately said,  “Mmm can’t wait for this and coffee in the morning”, so I suggest you whip this up for your next brunch.  or Easter with the in-laws.  or hey I’m sorry I failed to call you back three weekends in a row luncheon.  or welcome to the neighborhood!  event.

The batter tasted so delicious I had immediate flashbacks to the strawberry cupcakes [2].  Again… Let me remind you, I am not a baker, nor a dessert person, so I am flat out floored when I find something of the like blog-worthy.  Then there was also the sign from the gods when Costco had 12 oz of raspberries for sale for about $3.  If you don’t know what 12 oz of rasperries looks like, fear not, take those normal raspberry pints from the store times it by about 2.5 and there you go!  It would be amazing if our local tent at the farmers market carried raspberries, but since I picked those at camp, in MINNESOTA, I am pretty sure they don’t grow here in the deep, deep south.

Bottom line?  Make this cake.  Eat it for breakfast, eat it for dinner, eat it for lunch!  Who cares?  It’s light, fluffy and delicious and we all need more antioxidants in our lives.  My husband’s Men’s Health Magazine recently declared raspberries a better super-fruit than blueberries.  That can’t be right, can it?  What’s next, chocolate chip cookies are good for you?

FYI, this prepares like a cobbler.  So make your batter, place it in pan, dump fruit on top, fret like hell that it won’t work right, then be pleasantly surprised when you open the oven and find the raspberries aligned perfectly in the center layer.

Please, please, visit the Gourmet site and see this recipe here [1].  I try to be extremely careful in respecting intellectual property rights, and blog etiquette seems to show I can’t reproduce an exact recipe, but instead should link to the original.  So visit them, subscribe to the magazine, and let’s form a book club of sorts!