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Turkey Scallopini with Homemade Turkey Broth

Turkey Scallopini with Homemade Turkey BrothAwhile back my dear friend Emily sent me an email saying, “Do you have any recipes that call for a massive amount of turkey broth?  I am not kidding, I have a TON.”  Which was hilarious and awesome.  Anyway, she brought me 2 frozen quarts to our eggnog taste off.  (Yes the taste off was super fun.  Emily’s family recipe was great.  For future reference, drinking more than 1 glass of eggnog in a row takes some serious skill and dedication.)  Last night I broke out one of the quarts to use in my Turkey Scallopini.  I’ve blogged a version this recipe before with chicken breasts [1], but the way I really prefer it uses turkey cutlets.  My sister has had a long standing battle with turkey cutlets, namely that they’re nowhere to be found.  I find them frequently at the Tom Thumb on Lovers and at Central Market, and freakishly all Albertson’s seem to carry them.  I don’t really shop at the Albertson’s near my house, because I only like beautiful grocery stores, or at least attractive.

Yes. I’m a grocery store snob, and I know it.  And if I could get my food budget under control, we’d have an entirely different life.  Of course, where would the fun be in that?  Food is meant to be delicious and attractive, so it’s really hard for me to get inspired wandering a grocery store that’s run down and old.  Anyway, if you find the turkey cutlets where ever you shop, this is a great recipe and a super crowd pleaser.  And I’m still not sure how Emily wound up with *massive* amounts of turkey broth, but next year after your Thanksgiving turkey, if you don’t make turkey soup [2], at least make broth and keep it in your freezer!  This recipe tastes great with chicken broth as well, just in case Emily didn’t stock your freezer!

Turkey Scallopini

4 turkey cutlets

kosher salt

fresh ground pepper

shallow bowl of flour

olive oil

3 and 3/4 c. turkey broth

juice from 3 lemons

4 heaping tablespoons capers

3 tbsp butter

3 tbsp chopped parsley

1/2 package capellini

Season cutlets with salt and pepper.  Dip in the flour on each side, shaking off excess.  Heat a huge skillet (I think mine is 16 inches) on medium high heat.  If you don’t have a huge skillet, you can cook them two at a time.  Add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, and heat until fragrant.  Brown cutlets on both sides, then remove to a plate.

Add broth to skillet and deglaze the pan, stirring in the brown bits.  Cook for about five minutes, then add lemon juice and capers.  Cook another 2 minutes, then add butter a tablespoon at a time, stirring in with a wooden spatula.  Add cutlets back to sauce and continue to cook uncovered for 5 more minutes.  Sprinkle in the parsley, then stir and gently spoon sauce over the cutlets – heat 1 more minute and serve on top of cooked capellini.