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Project Food Blog Contestant and Sept 20th Weekly Menu

I’m an official contestant in Project Food Blog, a series of 10 blogging challenges and ultimately a cash prize, fame, notoriety, and stardom.  After that, I think they might offer me the presidency.  Seriously though, I’m hoping to stay in the running at least awhile, since the challenges sound straight up my alley.  I mean, really?!?  Challenge Number 3 – Create a luxurious dinner party menu or Challenge Number 6 – Road Trip – Creating a meal to go, that travels well, tastes and looks great.  These have Lane written all over them!  Voting opens today, so click on the box to the right and vote for me if you can.  Frankly, I’m a little nervous right off the bat, because I’m not sure if I understood the directions on the first challenge correctly.  I thought we were supposed to write a heartfelt blog post that truly represents what your blog offers to readers, so I entered yesterday’s pot roast post.  Now that I’m seeing the other contestants entries, perhaps I was supposed to write a heartfelt post on why I would be a great star.  I’m not really sure, but I want to do these challenges!  So help me out in the voting if you can!  Either vote from the link at the right or this link [1] and click the heart to vote for me.  Food is Love!

Sept 20th Weekly Menu

Tortilla Soup [2] served in a completely different manner at nearly every restaurant in Texas, my version is a broth based soup with shredded chicken, vegetables, the perfect level of spice, and everyone’s favorite topping, my fried tortilla strips.  1 quart $8

Roasted Chicken Breasts over Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Orange Chili Sauce [3] This lighter but loaded with flavor alternative to mashed potatoes and gravy was inspired by my propensity to purchase entirely too many groceries, thus a counter full of clementines yielded one of my most requested chicken dishes  $16

French Dip Sandwiches There’s nothing in this world quite like prime rib.  It’s the best cut of meat in the free world, and this sandwich might just change your life.  (I can’t believe I don’t have a blog post on this recipe!  photos soon!) $29

Turkey Scallopini [4] – Thin turkey breast served in a citrus broth with capers and fresh parsley.  A tried and true staple. Also Light! $18

Double Chocolate Brownies – chewy, fudgy, chocolaty perfection in a pan $18 or $3 each

Butterscotch Pudding [5] – The flavor sounds unusual – but run with me on this and give it a shot.  Universally loved while clearly not to be chosen by dieters, let it inspire you to run that extra mile then relax in bliss $3 each

Use the menu and attached recipes as a bust of inspiration to feed your family this week or order from us for meal delivery service.  Send orders to lane@dinnerandconversation.com

Happy Eating!