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Are you prepared for the holidays? No worries! We have a cooking class for you

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Brrrr… It’s cold out there!  Well Texas cold anyway.  As I break out the long sleeves and track down the jackets, I remind myself.  The only good part about winter is the holidays!  DinnerandConversation will have you ready to prepare the perfect holiday feast.  This year I’m offering cooking classes to help you feel at ease in your kitchen.  And the great news?  No need to take notes!  I’ll be blogging all the recipes for easy reference.  Find a friend or two and sign up to learn.

Hands on Holiday Meal Class

Learn to roast a perfect turkey, every time.

Learn to make mashed potatoes that make your relatives weep with bliss not to be outdone by the art of perfecting a brown gravy.

I still love a green bean casserole, yum.  But it seems they’ve gone out of vogue on most holiday tables.  So we’ll cover haricots verts with almonds.  A crisp and crunchy bright green dish perfect for the holiday table.

Don’t forget the stuffing.  Herbed or cornbread?  Don’t be confused when you hit the grocery store.  Perfect stuffing, every time.

Only responsible for bringing a dessert?  Great, we’ll cover the basics of pie crust making, both the flaky pastry crust and the graham cracker crust.  I promise, it’s really very easy.  But don’t worry, there’s no shame in buying a pre-made crust.

Class time 3 hours -$70

each class will be kept to small groups, no more than 4

Email lane@dinnerandconversation.com for more information and to schedule your dates.